1142 Main Street, Napa, CA 94559
Telephone: 707-224-8319
By Liane and Sergio Sismondo.

We do not often write about restaurants, but this one demanded our attention. It is absolutely outstanding, and among our best dining experiences. Annaliên has done such a superb job in creating this little gem of a restaurant it needs to be noted. It is an absolute joy to walk through the doors of this unpretentious yet elegant restaurant, and to be greeted by its vivacious and friendly creator.

This restaurant is a dining sensation, and having lunch or dinner there is an experience not to miss. Opened only in July 2007, it took no time at all for it to be called

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"the best Asian restaurant in Napa" and to be mentioned by Zagat and Michelin. Its appearance is the buzz of the valley.

It would be difficult to choose what is the best feature about this restaurant. It is small and cosy, with only 44 seats. It is named after its creator, Annaliên, a most gracious and friendly slight Vietnamese woman from southern Vietnam. She brings energy, comfortable and tasteful surroundings, and wonderful food and wine to be enjoyed by all who are so fortunate to have entered this little gem.

Annaliên calls her offerings "Contemporary Vietnamese Cuisine". This is among the very best of Vietnamese food, with its influences from China and France, as well as from India. Annaliên serves traditional Vietnamese food with its seasonings and very fresh ingredients, all modified slightly for the American palate. We are delighted that she has come to Napa to share all her wonderful food creations with us. We have had dinner there on several occasions, and each time we ordered entirely different appetizers, entrees, and salads, and we thought each creation was the probably the best Vietnamese food we had ever had. We are anxious to return to try many more of her menu treats.

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All of this is not to diminish her expertise in organizing a superb bar for various libation. In addition to the well-stocked and very attractive bar, there is an excellent array of beers, 13 different when we were there including choices from United States, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Vietnam, China, and Brazil. There are a hundred wines, carefully selected, of various types and from numerous regions and countries, and price ranges, designed to appeal to every palate and wallet. Some of the wines which we ordered and found went very well with our foods included an Artesa Carneros Chardonnay 2005; Turnbull, Oakville,

Sauvignon Blanc 2005, and Trefethen, Napa Valley, Riesling 2006. These are all excellent wines to go with Annaliên's wonderful cuisine. Trefethen's Napa Riesling 2006, while not sweet as are many other Rieslings, was really a perfect accompaniment for our savory delights. From Champagne and Sparking Wines to Chardonnay, Riesling,

Gewurztraminer and other white wines, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet and other red wines, representing the New World, the Old World, South Africa and the Land Down Under, Annaliên proves that she is most knowledgeable of wines from California and the rest of the world. She brings her experience to provide us some very excellent wines to complement a wonderful meal and a wonderful experience. There are even about 30 wines available by the glass. Everything has been organized to make all of Annaliên's customers happy because they are there and also because she is there!

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Annaliên's Menu is reproduced below


1142 Main Stree
Napa, California 94559

Small Plates
Crispy Rolls 8
Shrimp, pork, taro root, mushrooms & vermicelli wrapped in rice paper
Crispy Vegetarian Rolls 8
Taro root, black mushrooms, jicama & vermicelli wrapped in rice paper
Spring Rolls: Shrimp, Wild Salmon, Grilled Pork or Vegetable 9
Carrots, jicama, mango, bean sprouts, mint and lettuce wrapped in rice paper
Vietnamese Potstickers 9
Chicken dumplings drizzled with house special sauce
Ha Long Bread 7
Warm pan-seared green onion flat cake served with curry dipping sauce
Napa Valley Aubergines 9
Grilled Chinese eggplant with basil scallion sauce
Golden Quail 13
Marinated in five spice served with pickled green papaya, daikon and carrots
Lemongrass Chicken Skewers 9
Grilled lemongrass marinated chicken breast
Green Papaya 9
Green papaya, mango, carrots & peanuts
Saigon 10
Prawns with cucumbers, mango, carrots & palm hearts topped with peanuts & mint
Dalat Spicy Beef 10
Tender marinated beef, cabbage, lettuce, mint & cilantro
Hue 10
Organic chicken breast, cabbage, onion & rau ram
Pho Bo/Pho Ga 12
Fresh rice noodle soup with tender beef or chicken and condiments
lemongrass Soup 10
Prawns or chicken with mushrooms in a savory, spicy broth
Ginger Dumpling Soup 10
Chicken dumplings wiht bok choy, green onion and cilantro
Grilled Lemongrass Pork 15
Tender pork loin served with lettuce, vermicelli, house dipping sauce
Griled Tiger Prawns 15
Tiger prawns served with lettuce and vermicelli, house dipping sauce
Half Moon Banh Xeo 15
Vietnamese crepe with chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, scallions & bean sprouts
Hoi Ann Noodles 15
Fresh rice noodles served with sauteed chicken & daily greens
1142 Curry 15
Sliced chicken slow-cooked with potatoes, carrots & coconut milk with rice
Spicy Lemongrass Chicken 15
Slices of tender chicken seasoned with fresh lemongrass
Vegetable Skewers 14
Grilled mushrooms, tofu, eggplant, squash, zucchini & tomatoes
served with house special sauce with rice
Vung Tau Salmon 18
Salmon filet with house sauce
Shaken Beef 20
Tender cubes of rib-eye steak sauteed with onions on a bed of lettuce
Hue Sea Bass Wrapped in Banana Leaf 22
Steamed sea bass with shiitake mushroom, tomatoes & glass noodles
Lavender Sea Salt Rack of Lamb 25
With lime and chef's fresh choice vegetable
Peppercorn Ribeye Steak 28
Served with steamed gailan
vegetarian version with tofu and eggplant upon request
Jasmine Rice 1
Brown Rice 2
Fresh Egg Garlic Noodles 8
Steamed Shanghai Baby Bok Choi 8
Asian Style Green Beans 8
Pellegrino (750ml) 6
Panna (500ml) 4
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite 2
Chrysanthemum Tea Hot $3 or Iced $2
Loose-leaf Jasmine Tea 2
Assorted Tazo Teas 2
Vietnamese Coffee (Hot or Iced) 4
Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee 2
Assorted Beers A.Q.

Dishes may or may not contain peanuts, please inquire with server. We accept Visa and Mastercard with a minimum of $15.00 purchase. For parties of 6 or more, 18% gratuity will be added. Corkage fee is $15.00 per 750ml bottle. We will gladly waive the original corkage fee when an additional bottle of wine is ordered from our wine list. Now accepting limited reservations.

Gift Certificates available.


Last Updated November 2007